This is a basic guide in creating your own bridal bouquet. Watch the video, follow the simple steps below or enquire into one of our Workshops. 

You will require;

  • 3-4 bunches of flowers. Including (not limited to); 2 focal flowers, 1 line flower and 1 transitional flower. Plus 1 stem of hardy foliage for framing leaves

  • Secateurs

  • Wires - gage dependent on flower and foliage type

  • Floral tape - green

  • Ribbon - luxurious



Organise ​your flowers by stripping any leaves below binding point. Pluck off any bruised petals at the same time. Place your prepared flowers into groups.

Wire any weak or stiff stems to enable them to bend into shape. To do this, choose the appropriate gauge wire (cut in half), insert the wire into top of stem where the head meets, slowly twist around the stem.


Bind with floral tape to ensure there are no wire ends protruding. Ensure that you stretch and pull the floral tape firmly around the stem.




Choose your most focal bloom to start with. Place your next bloom different to the first, lock into your supported hand and rotate anti-clockwise. Do this again with your third type of flower. You now have a small triangle shape of blooms around the centre bloom.


Next create a larger shape of 5-7 blooms around your first row of placements, choosing a different type of flower each time and creating a pattern. Drop down an inch so the flowers are now angled slightly. This will begin to create your rounded curve shape.


Your next layer of flowers, lowered and angled again, should start to work within the gaps of the previous ones.


Check your progress in the mirror. When you feel you have achieved your desired size and shape, make any last adjustments before binding all the stems with floral tape, about half way down the handle.




Choosing 7-10 larger leaves, hair pin wire them and bind with floral tape. Place each stem one by one around the base of your flowers/top of your handle to frame your bouquet.




Choose a coloured ribbon that is luxurious and in a neutral colour for brides - white, ivory, blush. Or a brighter colour featured in the flowers for bridesmaids. Starting at the top of the handle, carefully create a starting point by leaving a length of ribbon out to later make a bow with. Angle down the ribbon and when you reach the point where the floral tape is no more, start to come back up. Ensure you pull firmly on the ribbon as you guide it back up the handle and create a neat finish with overlapping. When you reach back up to the top, tie a knot with the length left out. Then create a beautiful bow in proportion with the bouquet size.