Watch this video or follow the steps below on how to create a gentleman's buttonhole.

You will require;

  • 1 focal flower and 1 transitional flower. Plus 2-3 leaves (small to large) of hardy foliage

  • Secateurs

  • Wires - gage dependent on flower and foliage type

  • Floral tape - green

  • Ribbon (optional)




Organise ​your flowers and leaves by cutting them stem 1 inch (2 fingers) below the head or bottom of leaf.

Wire all stems to enable them to bend into shape. To do this, choose the appropriate gauge wire (cut in half). For most flowers insert the wire through top of stem where the head meets and pull out the other side so you have a hair pin shape. Pull down both lengths of the wire so one side is the length of the stem and the other side is longer than the stem. Similarly for the leaves, except use a much finer wire. This style of wiring is called "hair pin".


Bind all stems with floral tape to ensure there are no wire ends protruding. Ensure that you stretch and pull the floral tape firmly around each stem to stop any moisture from escaping.




Choose your largest leaf and focal bloom to start with. Place your flower on top of your leaf and create a firm binding point. Do not move from this point at all and ensure all pieces are placed at this position. You may bind with floral tape to secure. Place you next middle sized leaf and transitional flower slightly angled either left or right. Again bind with floral tape if you wish to secure. Finally place your smallest leaf in the front and bend half way down the leaf to hide your mechanics.


Make any last adjustments before binding all the stems with floral tape. Cut all remaining stems or handle 2 inches down (3 fingers) and bind once again with floral tape, ensure no wires are protruding.




Choose a thin coloured ribbon that is luxurious and in a neutral colour or to match the colour of your flowers. Starting at the top of the handle, carefully create a starting point by leaving a length of ribbon out to later make a small bow with. Angle down the ribbon and when you reach the end of the handle, start to come back up. Ensure you pull firmly on the ribbon as you guide it back up the handle and create a neat finish with overlapping. When you reach back up to the top, tie a knot with the length left out. Then create a small bow in proportion with the buttonhole. 

Add a pearl headed pin to complete and later to pin onto jacket lapel.