Flower Crowns for Everyone!

March 14, 2017


I recently took part in a stall for International Women's Day to celebrate woman and their well being! It was also in support of Streetwork's Young Women's Program and Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women's Shelter.


I provided a free flower crown workshop all day and offered for purchase pretty floral items for the hair.


It was so lovely to meet the local community, get creative and see the joy on ladies faces once they completed their crowns. 


We must remember to embrace our Womanhood, wear our flowers with pride and support one another.






Some flower preparation was involved to get the stall ready. I created dozens of intricate floral head wear including Flower Headbands, Flower Combs and of course Flower Crowns. These were made from artificial flowers, flowers for life!


Look out for these products on our Shop page soon!





Thank you to those that attended the workshop or just popped by to say hello. It means a lot to me that people support local business and the flower world.


If you are interested in having your own flower crown workshop for a special event, send us an enquiry to host it. We come to you and supply all the tools, materials and flowers in a fun, friendly environment.


Whether it be a hens party, baby shower, kids birthday or just the girls getting together, flower crown workshops are a great way to get creative and learn a new skill!


How to Create a Flower Crown - A Step by Step Guide


This is a guide to teach you how to create your very own Flower Crown.


Flower Crowns have been a big part of my life since I started floristry, almost 10 years
ago and in the last couple of years they have really taken off! I just love creating and wearing
them. They are not just for brides on their wedding day, they are great for festivals, race days, hens parties, kids parties and of course in celebration of Women’s International Day!


What you will need; A pair of scissors, floral tape, rustic wire and paper coated wire and a ribbon. Plus an array of long lasting flowers and foliages - e.g Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Spray Roses, Baby's Breath, Misty, Lisianthus. Ivy leaves, Gum leaves, Pine, Peppercorn Berries and leaves.


The rustic wire is the base in which we construct our crown, the floral tape is what we will be using to prepare each of our flowers adding a second skin to our stems and sealing in the moisture. The paper coated wire is used to bind the flowers and foliages onto our rustic wire base. The ribbon is an option to finish off your crowns with a pretty little bow.


Unravel your rustic wire and measure around your head, starting around the back of your headband bringing the two ends to the front, creating a link with one end over the other. Now take off the rustic wire and smooth down the excess wire, creating a neat finish. Pop it back on again just to ensure you have the right fit.


Choose your blooms and foliages (between 10 and 20 stems). Cut each stem about 1 inch (half your thumb length). Once all stems are cut, begin to bind the floral tape around each stem just under the flower head or the last bit of foliage. Pull and stretch the tape so it fits tightly around the stem, ensure you completely cover the end as to not lose moisture.


Using the link you created on your rustic wire as a guide, start to place your flowers and foliages over this link, either at the start or end. Choose your first piece which has a bit of length, such as a foliage piece. Wrap the stem around the wire base with the paper coated wire. Ensure you pull firmly on the wire and create a nice neat finish. Then continue on with your next piece, leaving a small gap between each placement and going from left to right. Continue until all your flowers and foliages are used.
Remember to try on your crown at intervals and check your progress in the mirror provided.


Once you are happy with the way your crown looks and have used all your materials, you may
like to incorporate your ribbon and finish off the crown with a pretty bow. This will also cover the last flower or foliage placement. Just loop the ribbon a couple of times over the paper coated wire that’s showing and then create a small bow on top. Make any last adjustments and then you are done!









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